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Homeland Security


This 2-hour course will increase the awareness of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) clandestine labs for emergency first responders. Due to the close similarity to CBRNE clandestine labs and the prevalence of methamphetamine production in Illinois, techniques to identify clandestine drug labs is also presented. Once completed, the participant will be able to recognize the indicators of a CBRNE clandestine lab and describe an appropriate response.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Counter Terrorism Awareness

This 1-hour course will introduce students to several terrorist operation indicators designed to enhance their knowledge and skills that will aid in the detection of terrorist activity in the community that may be encountered during the course of their law enforcement duties.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency, Procedural Justice

Homeland Security Orientation

This 1-hour course will provide a view of terrorism as it pertains to the patrol officer in the field. Officers should become aware of and follow their specific department policy/procedure as it pertains to terrorism.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Telecommunicator Emergency Response Training (TERT)

The purpose of this 5-hour course is to better prepare telecommunicators who will be part of a telecommunicator emergency response task-force (TERT) deployment team so they can respond to these challenging situations. Telecommunicators (public safety emergency call takers and dispatchers) in disaster areas have often worked tirelessly through extremely challenging working conditions. When telecommunicator deployment teams were sent to disaster areas, they were faced with difficult working conditions, increased environmental stress, and less than ideal accommodations.