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A Review of Epinephrine Auto-Injector Use

This course addresses issues related to the prevention of anaphylaxis, the symptoms of anaphylactice shock, use of an epinephrine auto-injector, and potential side effects of an ephinephrine auto-injector. The goal of this 30-minute course is to have learners walk away with a better understanding of concepts related to anaphylaxis and the use of an epinephrine auto-injector

Legal Mandates - Law Updates

A Review of the Use of Force Laws

This 30-minute course is a review of Illinois Use of Force Laws (720 ILCS 5/7 et seq.), protections provided under the United States Constitution, concealed carry laws, and general firearm safety guidelines applicable to active duty law enforcement officers. This course is certified through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and meets required mandates for Civil Rights, Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, and Use of Force (April 2017).

Legal Mandates - Use of Force - Laws Concerning Stops, Searches, and Use of Force

An Introduction to Research Methods for Criminal Justice Practitioners

Criminal justice research is critical to the contemporary law enforcement agency. This course introduces basic research concepts and methods. It addresses how to design research, quantitative and qualitative methods, ethics in research and writing proposals and reports. Examples throughout the course demonstrate the significance of criminal justice research.

Animal Fighting Awareness and Humane Response

This one-hour course covers animal fighting awareness and humane response for law enforcement officers. The purpose of this training is to equip law enforcement officers of local government agencies to identify animal fighting operations and respond appropriately. This training also includes a humane response component that will provide guidelines for appropriate law enforcement response to animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect, as well as training on canine behavior and nonlethal ways to subdue a canine.

Legal Mandates - Law Updates

Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement

This 1.5-hour course will help officers acquire a foundation in basic Spanish that will help them community more effectively with Spanish-speaking people in law enforcement situations. Coupling basic Spanish language skills with body language or the ability to spell out words/numbers may enable officers to communicate more effectively until they can obtain backup or assistance from someone who is fluent in Spanish.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency, Procedural Justice

Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement II

The goal of this 2-hour training is to build on the basic foundation of Spanish (either obtained by taking the Spanish I module or from previous experience) so that officers may communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking people in law enforcement situations. Mastering basic Spanish skills may enable officers to communicate effectively until they obtain backup or assistance from someone fluent in Spanish.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency, Procedural Justice

Booking Process and Procedures

This 1-hour course presents the general procedures involved in physically booking an individual into a city/county detention facility. The procedures will vary upon the officer's individual jurisdiction; therefore, the officer must become familiar with the procedures governing his/her agency's particular facility and abide by their established rules and regulations.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority

CBRNE Lab Awareness

This one-hour course will increase the awareness of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) clandestine labs for emergency first responders. Due to the close similarity to CBRNE clandestine labs and the prevalence of methamphetamine production in Illinois, techniques to identify clandestine drug labs is also presented. Once completed, the participant will be able to recognize the indicators of a CBRNE clandestine lab and describe an appropriate response.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Case Preparation and Courtroom Testimony

This 1-hour course will emphasize the importance of presenting the finished case to the prosecutor in a clear, concise, and complete manner and the essential requirements for responsive and responsible officer testimony in court.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.

Child Abuse and Neglect

The problem of child abuse is frequently encountered by law enforcement officers. It is a complex social issue demanding medical, social, legal, and educational services. The emphasis of this course is on recognition of possible physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect cases. If specialized units and/or additional resources are available to the investigating officer, he/she should utilize these resources as appropriate. Officers should always remember and abide by their individual departmental policy, procedure, and/or directives

Legal Mandates - Human Rights, Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

Civil Rights and Civil Liabilities Refresher

This one-hour refresher course will provide a basic review of the legal issues concerning civil rights/liabilities. Civil rights are a foundation of a democratic form of government and are exemplified by the Bill of Rights. It should be understood that for every right there is a corresponding responsibility. The officer or deputy has the same rights and assumes the same responsibilities as any other person. However, because of their unique function in our society, peace officers have been granted certain special authority such as the powers of arrest, search and seizure. As a result they also have special responsibilities.

Legal Mandates - Civil Rights

Communication in the Police Environment

This 2-hour course will provide an understanding of the ways in which officers and other people consciously and unconsciously express themselves. Communication, verbal and nonverbal, is important to the job 100 percent of the time. How the officer looks, acts, and speaks as well as perceptions of how others look, act, and speak is vital to officer effectiveness.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Constitutional Authority

This 1-hour course will provide a brief introduction to the U.S. Constitution and highlights its relevance to the criminal justice system and to law enforcement officers. This course will also discuss how the U.S. Supreme court has interpreted the U.S. Constitution and Amendments in criminal matters through several key court decisions.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, Law Updates

Counter Terrorism Awareness

This 30-minute course will introduce students to several terrorist operation indicators designed to enhance their knowledge and skills that will aid in the detection of terrorist activity in the community that may be encountered during the course of their law enforcement duties.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Crime Scene Investigation - Refresher

This 2-hour course informs the student of responsibilities, which emphasize on: (1) the need and techniques for protecting the scene, (2) the process for identifying witnesses and assuring their availability for interview or testimony at a later date, (3) initial actions for identifying the perpetrator, if possible, and (4) effective techniques for searching the crime scene and collecting, preserving, and handling evidence. This course will also familiarize the student with methods and techniques for developing latent fingerprints.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.

Crimes Against Persons and Property

This 1-hour course is intended to give students knowledge of various crimes against property and the techniques necessary to effectively investigate these offenses. The content in this course is designed to provide students with the fundamental techniques to investigate crimes against persons and property. These techniques and procedures should not supersede any established departmental policy/procedure. Officers should become familiar with and follow their specific agency policy/procedure and any guidelines set forth by the state's attorney.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority

Crimes in Progress

This 1-hour course will present a number of general response and investigative techniques for crimes in progress. Special attention and focus will be given to robbery and burglary in progress calls.

Cultural Competency

This 1 hour course is a review of perceptions of the community regarding policing, cultural competency, diversity, and law enforcement culture. Each of these areas is intertwined in its impact on the ability of law enforcement to create trusting relationships, conduct appropriate and successful investigations, and protect and serve all of the communities they work with.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency, Procedural Justice

Designing, Developing, and Delivering Effective Training

This two-hour, interactive course, is designed to help law enforcement trainers learn how to design, develop and deliver more effective trainings to the adult learner. Emphasis is placed on face-to-face training delivery, such as facilitating a workshop. Participants are encouraged to have a potential training topic to use in learning activities as they take the training.

Developing High Quality Emergency Operations Plans for K-12

This one-hour basic course is designed to improve awareness of the emergency operations planning process for K-12 educational and law enforcement staff, at all levels, to understand the development of EOPs, their implementation, and the collaborative efforts required for their successful use in emergency incidents. This course is certified through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and meets required mandates for Procedural Justice.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice


This 1-hour course will present the Illinois Criminal Statutes associated with unethical behavior, sources officers may use in making ethical decisions, the most common ethical challenges officers face, and several ethical scenarios.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Fundamentals of Investigation - Refresher

This 3-hour course is meant to serve as a refresher, which will review the fundamental components of conducting a criminal investigation in the field and follow-up investigations at the station level. Additionally, it will describe the proper procedures for conducting the three principal types of witness identification procedures: lineups, on-the-scene identifications (commonly called "show-ups"), and photographic identifications.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.

Fundamentals of Report Writing - Refresher

This 3-hour refresher course will inform students how to master the ability to translate actions and observations into complete and accurate written reports. During this course, emphasis is on the purpose of police reports, the uses of reports, basic report components, and guidelines for good report writing.

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.


This one-hour course provides an overview to the existence and dynamics of gangs of all kinds. In order for the officer to control the streets on his/her beat, a basic understanding of gang behavior and criminal activity is necessary. This understanding includes types of gangs, gang structure and organization, gang recruitment, indicators of gang activity, and programs designed specifically to combat gang problems.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency

Hate Crimes

The goal of this one-hour course is to refresh participants on Illinois and Federal hate crime legislation, identify the elements of hate crimes, and provide credible resources for law enforcement and corrections to obtain further information related to research and best practices for hate crime identification. This course covers a number of different areas including different types of hate crimes, characteristics of victimizers and victims, data on hate crimes across the country and in Illinois, and other pertinent information related to the topic of hate crimes in the criminal justice system.

Legal Mandates - Human Rights, Procedural Justice

Human Trafficking

This one-hour course on human trafficking can happen anywhere and local law enforcement can play a critical role in identifying and responding to this crime. This 1-hour course provides tools and develops the skills necessary to define, identify and respond to human trafficking in your local community or geographic region.

Legal Mandates - Human Rights

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.

Illinois Human Rights Act

This 15 minute course is an introduction to the Illinois Human Rights Act including declarations of freedoms, key terms and concepts information, and exemptions. The course is not a complete discussion of the Human Rights Act but focuses on some of the areas law enforcement officers need to be familiar with and aware of related to job duties and roles.

Legal Mandates - Human Rights

Interview and Interrogation - Refresher

This 1-hour course focuses on interview and interrogation techniques, which seek to elicit information from suspects and witnesses. Many of the techniques suggested are, however, applicable to other interview situations.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.

Law for Police Canine

This two-hour course is a tool for Illinois police drug detection canine handlers to become familiar with current relevant Illinois statutes, case law, and legal doctrines that they will encounter during the course of the handler career. This course also benefits police administrators, supervisors, and officers who routinely work with drug detection canine teams.

Legal Mandates - Civil Rights, Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, Law Updates

Laws of Arrest - Refresher

This refresher course was designed to provide officers with a review of arrest procedures with and without a warrant, as well as when a summons or a notice to appear would be sufficient to a physical arrest. This course also provides an overview of procedures of how to obtain an arrest warrant, how to serve the arrest warrant and when you can make entry into a residence without a search warrant.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, Law Updates

Media Relations

This 1-hour course provides basic and essential information to prepare for and interact with the media in a variety of settings. This course will cover fundamental building blocks on how to recognize reported tactics, handle the media during crisis situations, and tips on how to present yourself on camera or in print/social media. This course was designed for both law enforcement officers and supervisors.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

This course is ILETSB certified for Lead Homicide Recertification.

Mental Health Awareness Refresher

This 5-hour course is meant to provide law enforcement officers with an awareness of mental health issues including a history of the mental health system, types of mental health illnesses including signs and symptoms, and common treatments and medications. The course also focuses on potential interactions law enforcement officers may have on a regular basis with these individuals, their families, and service providers including de-escalating a potential crisis situation.

Legal Mandates - Civil Rights, Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, Crisis Intervention, Law Updates, Procedural Justice

Missing Persons - Amber Alert and Silver Search Alert Training

This one-hour course provides a broad overview of missing persons and the Missing Persons Identification Act (50 ILCS 722), Endangered Missing Persons Advisory (20 ILCS 2605/2605-485), Amber Alert, and Silver Search. A discussion on the handling of missing persons cases involving Alzheimer's disease, other related dementia, or other dementia-like cognitive impairment will also be discussed.

Legal Mandates - Human Rights

Motor Vehicle Theft - Refresher

This 2-hour course is for students to understand how to effectively deal with vehicle theft, and become be familiar with the techniques for identifying the stolen motor vehicle and effective investigative process.

OSHA Hazardous Materials Awareness Refresher

This one-hour course serves as an annual refresher for students who have taken the Hazardous Materials Awareness - OSHA course. This course is intended for personnel who need to meet the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120(q).

Officer Stress Management

This one-hour course addresses the stress that law enforcement officers can expect during the course of their law enforcement career, with an emphasis on learning how to manage stress in proactive ways that benefit job performance, as well as their personal and family well-being. In this course, the student will learn about the biological systems that underpin stress and are introduced to sources of stressors and challenges that are unique to law enforcement. Instruction covers critical incident stress and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as management strategies. Special consideration is given to the challenges of dealing with death, grief, and the cycle of healing.

Legal Mandates - Officer Wellness and Mental Health

Opioid Overdose Response

This 1-hour course covers information related to opioids including Illinois statistics, signs and symptoms of overdose, and appropriate law enforcement response using naloxone. Participants will be able to recognize issues related to opioid addiction and overdose, identify and apply appropriate responses to an overdose including the use of naloxone, and define Illinois law related to immunity and limitations of immunity.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Orientation to Homeland Security

This 1-hour course will provide a view of terrorism as it pertains to the patrol officer in the field. Officers should become aware of and follow their specific department policy/procedure as it pertains to terrorism.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Patrol Procedures

This 7.5-hour course will provide participants with the knowledge of effective patrol operations; an understanding of the functions of patrol; a variety of methods for conducting patrol; how to properly prepare for patrol; discern how to respond to calls under a variety of circumstances; comprehend how to conduct successful field interviews; perceive how to interview victims; know how to properly operate communication equipment; and know how to deal with various emergency situations.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority

Police Community Relations

This 2-hour course focuses on strengthening the relationships of police with the communities they serve.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency

Procedural Justice

This 2-hour course introduces officers to the pillars of procedural justice and their internal and external application when interacting with the public.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Psychology of Domestic Violence

This course emphasizes developing comprehensive knowledge of domestic violence, the psychological dynamics involved in abusive relationships, the impact of trauma on the victim, statutory laws, and responsibilities and procedures for law enforcement. Several videos have been included in the module to help officers understand the trauma often associated with domestic violence, and how this trauma influences investigations.

Legal Mandates - Human Rights, Law Updates, Psychology of Domestic Violence

Science for Criminal Justice Professionals

Science for Criminal Justice Professionals provides an overview of evidence-based policing, with an analysis of several successful evidence-based policy applications. This two-hour course examines the criminal justice professional's role in research participation and application to policy and practice. Lastly, the course evaluates the process of translating scientific research into practical application.

Legal Mandates - Cultural Competency, Procedural Justice

Service Calls Refresher

This thirty minute course provides students with guidance regarding appropriate response to these incidents. It should be emphasized that local response policies often vary and should be checked by the trainee. Nevertheless, common response methods and techniques employed by Illinois officers will be conveyed in this course.

Sexual Harassment: Definitions and Prevention

Sexual harassment impacts both men and women in the workplace. The goal of this one-hour course is to improve knowledge of the types of sexual harassment, the liability of organizations and employees when sexual harassment occurs, and provide examples of behaviors that could be construed as the different types of sexual harassment.

Legal Mandates - Civil Rights, Human Rights

Trauma Informed Response to Sexual Assault/Abuse Refresher

This 8-hour course will familiarize officers with the complexities of sexual assault investigations, including: the misperceptions about sexual assault victims and offenders which are able to report; how trauma impacts the manner in which victims are able to report; how best to support sexual assault victims during their encounter with law enforcement and the criminal justice system; and how to focus on offender behaviors and hold offenders accountable.

Legal Mandates - Civil Rights, Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, Cultural Competency, Human Rights, Law Updates, Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect, Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response (with report writing)

Vehicle Stops and Occupant Control - Refresher

This 2-hour course will cover how Law Enforcement officers are called upon to conduct vehicle stops on a daily basis. The manner in which these stops are made can be a positive public relations tool, as well as ensure the safety of the motorist and the law enforcement officer.

Legal Mandates - Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority