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Campus Law Enforcement

Developing High Quality Emergency Operations Plans for K-12

This 30-minute course is a review of Illinois Use of Force Laws (720 ILCS 5/7 et seq.), protections provided under the United States Constitution, concealed carry laws, and general firearm safety guidelines applicable to active duty law enforcement officers.

Legal Mandates - Procedural Justice

Domestic Violence - College and University

The goal of this 5-hour course is to develop campus law enforcement officers' domestic violence and dating violence knowledge to guide and protect them as they fulfill their obligation to domestic violence victims and hold abusers accountable. The officer, upon completion of this course, will respond to dating and domestic violence cases with a well-developed set of skills.

Legal Mandates - Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional and proper use of law enforcement authority, Law Updates, Psychology of Domestic Violence

Stalking - College and University

Only within the last decade have law enforcement and courts recognized stalking and cyber stalking as criminal. The terms 'stalking' and 'cyber stalking' are somewhat new, but following, spying, unwanted calling/writing, accosting, harassing, and threatening are as old as the history of human relationships. This 5-hour course emphasizes developing comprehensive knowledge of stalking on college and university campuses, statutory law, and responsibilities and procedures for law enforcement.

Legal Mandates - Human Rights, Law Updates, Psychology of Domestic Violence